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The Power of Always-on Travel Campaigns

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After over 1500 highly successful travel specific campaigns delivered over the last 3 years alone, we are proud to officially launch Precise Travel.

Designed to serve as more than just a subset of our technology solution, Precise Travel additionally acts as a travel advertising concierge, armed with travel brand guidebooks, best practices and advertising roadmaps curated to cost effectively raise travel brands ad effectiveness, measured by brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent. Precise TV's powerful travel solutions help brands reduce media wastage, reach "would be'' travelers and maximize ROAS.

With Nielsen recently crowning YouTube the #1 streaming platform, taking a YouTube first approach to your travel advertising campaigns has never been more important. 

Global viewers are consuming more than 1 billion hours of content on large format devices (TV’s) daily. With much of this taking place in co-viewing environments, YouTube is unrivaled in its ability to deliver reach and frequency in today's fast-paced digital landscape. 

Furthermore, with YouTube Shorts receiving over 70 billion views a day and TikTok garnering 30 million daily active users, short-form has a huge part to play in the digital ad landscape. 

A recent article from Forbes revealed 92% of US travelers expect to travel at least as much in 2024 as they did in 2023. This yields the perfect opportunity for advertisers to transform targeted ads into booked trips, starting with modernizing their approach to first-impression moments.

The importance of always on can not be overstated

The travel decision making process has never been more inconsistent. With snap travel plans higher than ever, a seasonal advertising plan alone won’t cut it; brands and destinations must constantly be in the consideration funnel. This means budgets must be leveraged throughout the year, with seasonal increases to accommodate heavy planning periods. 

Consumers are constantly bombarded by a multitude of messages across various platforms and maintaining a consistent presence is key to staying top of mind and driving brand recall and travel intent. 

Always on AND multi-platform?

To excel, travel destinations need to have a multi-platform approach, meaning in order to find the most success advertisers should run campaigns that span across platforms such as YouTube, Shorts and TikTok with a customizable approach in order to meet the audience expectations for each platform.

As brands expand their multi-platform approach, leaning in on burgeoning platforms and the more established YouTube, they increase their likelihood of being able to solve for media attention fragmentation and capture those hard-to-reach audiences. 

Always-on advertising, particularly through Precise TV, is essential for travel brands looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By maintaining a consistent presence and leveraging YouTube's unparalleled reach and frequency, you can effectively reach and engage with potential travelers, driving awareness, consideration, and ultimately, bookings for your destination.

YouTube is the place to be!

YouTube is increasingly becoming a platform for travel content creators, with travel-related content generating over 1 billion views per day.  

By leveraging YouTube as a primary driver in your digital advertising strategy, you can tap into this vast pool of users who are actively seeking travel inspiration and information. Whether it's through engaging travel vlogs, destination guides or virtual tours.

Let's talk short-form

TikTok and YouTube Shorts are well-positioned to benefit from consumers' shrinking attention spans and the behavioral changes surrounding ‘snackable’ media consumption. Currently unrivaled in both the US and in terms of global reach; a travel brand keystone component for short form video is undoubtedly YouTube Shorts. 

Offering advertisers an effective platform to reach and engage with their target audience through short-form video ads. Advertisers can leverage these platforms to create compelling and impactful digital advertising campaigns that resonate with today's consumers.

So pack your bags and allow your marketing to travel to the world of always-on, multi-platform digital campaigns.

Get in touch if you'd like help elevating your travel campaigns with Precise Travel to reach your 2024 campaign goals and beyond.

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