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Creating the perfect mobile or tablet gaming ad

mobile gaming playbook

After the launch of Precise Gaming at the start of the year it was clear an issue for a lot of brands was knowing just what their mini-game ads need to include to be as successful as they can be. That’s why we created our latest playbook “Creating the perfect mobile or tablet gaming ad”

Mobile and tablet gaming ads are short commercials you see on your phone or tablet while playing games. There are 2 main types of ads:

Custom Playable ads and Video ads

Both allow you to reach your audience while they are engaged, with playable ads offering a hands on experience with the product or brand in a ‘figital’ environment.

We combine best practices, proprietary audience insights, and your brand KPIs to create high engagement mini-games or in-app videos, delivered across top gaming apps, achieving on average 54% lift in CTR and 76% lift in playtime.

The Precise Methodology - how to create amazing mobile ads

  1. Be playful and keep it simple 
  2. Showcase humour and personality 
  3. Simulate a construction process if the toy has this element 
  4. Emotional impact 
  5. Use sound effects
  6. Keep it easy for the target audience to play

There are also some extras that  playable ads absolutely benefit from such as great music and sound, an engaging ‘end’ screen and game autostart. We explore these in detail in the playbook.

Ensuring you are COPPA Compliant

Following this we discuss the ‘must-have’s and have-not’s and the importance of being COPPA compliant. To be COPPA compliant, you must advertise only on apps which offer COPPA compliant advertising SDKs, and you must use COPPA compliant targeting processes.

As a trusted partner who is COPPA certified, Precise TV will ensure your ads only run in compliant environments, and only serve on suitable and compliant apps.

Our proprietary technology allows us to analyze the compliance of every available app (over 300,000) across the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In addition to this, we only use contextual targeting to deliver brand safe, COPPA compliant, and high performing campaigns.

 Precise TV is a IAB Gold Standard, JICWEBS- KidSafe COPPA Certified advertising platform. 

Our award-winning contextual intelligence platform connects brands to the moments that matter across various platforms including mobile and tablet gaming, driving business outcomes for advertisers. Enjoy high return on ad spend and measure the true impact of your online advertising on offline sales. 

Get in touch  if you'd like advice on creating and executing high-end mobile or tablet gaming ads.

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