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A Kudos to Brands Leveraging TikTok to Secure Sales

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With 1 billion active monthly users on TikTok, the platform is undeniably a fan favorite of consumers and businesses worldwide. On the consumer-facing side of the platform, some of the most popular videos focus on theatrics that highlight choreographed dances, comedy skits, voice overs and much more. Similarly, on the business side of the platform, savvy marketers have caught wind of what performs well on the platform and have used it to adapt their approach to advertising.  

Unlike video ads for larger platforms like YouTube or television, TikTok takes a snackable approach to content and its focus on quick delivery and short watch time. What’s unique about TikTok’s platform offering is it breaks the boundaries of traditional advertisements. 

Rather than seeing an ad in between TikToks as you may see in between watching YouTube videos, brands can go viral from their organic content that’s posted the same way an everyday consumer would use the platform. 

At Precise TV, we understand the complexity behind placing ads and nuance behind executing organic content in strategic ways. Our mission is to help brands identify video-level moments that offer the most return on investment. Whether brands accomplish that with or without traditional ads, we tip our hats to them either way. 

There are a plethora of videos being produced on TikTok each day, and in the sea of mass produced content, we’ve identified a short list of brands that stand out. These are not clients of Precise TV – although, we’d certainly love the opportunity to work with them – but instead, they’re brands we admire for their novel approach to video storytelling on TikTok. With sales still as the end goal, these brands’ marketing teams are remaining authentic to the company’s voice and developing a legitimately beloved TikTok persona. Let’s take a look at the list.

Crumbl Cookies 5.4M Followers

In the world of delicious cookie chains, there’s Insomnia Cookies, Tiff’s Treats and the new kid on the block: Crumbl Cookies. Founded in Logan, Utah in 2017, Crumbl Cookies has grown into immense popularity partially due to the exclusivity of its flavor offerings. 

Each week, Crumbl Cookies swaps out its flavors nationwide, building up the anticipation for customers to come back when their favorite flavors are in stock, or simply to try a new one.  

With 5.4 million followers on TikTok, Crumbl Cookies goes above and beyond posting foodie content. While most restaurants may use video to romanticize their food offerings, Crumbl Cookies takes the comedic route — which goes a long way on TikTok. After all, entertainment videos are TikTok’s top performing content category, bringing in over 535 billion views. 

Some of Crumbl Cookies most notable entertainment moments include animating their cookies with human faces and optimizing their latest cookie flavor as a solution to consumers’ lives falling apart. 

These TikToks hone in on relevant trends used by everyday consumers and  businesses alike, which makes the content more digestible and relatable. This approach boosts Crumbl Cookies brand awareness and hopefully cookie sales.

Scrub Daddy 1.9M followers

ScrubDaddy’s success story is a tale as old as time. As a Shark Tank veteran, ScrubDaddy pulled in $200,000 for 20% equity from investor and entrepreneur Lori Greiner in 2012. Today, the company is on track to reach $100 million in sales by the end-of-year, while arguably being a household name. 

Many could say ScrubDaddy’s brand awareness wouldn’t need as much nurturing as an emerging product — savvy marketers however know that’s never the case. ScrubDaddy’s notoriety started on Shark Tank and the momentum behind it never slowed down. In February of 2022, the smiley sponge company broke the internet after going viral with the use of the life-size ScrubDaddy mascot in its TikToks. 

Since then, it’s kept that vitality going on TikTok by engaging in trendy sounds that throw small jabs at the use of traditional sponges. This comedic element makes brands approachable and memorable, which is exactly what a strategic video ad should do.

Morning Brew 367.2K Followers

Not every brand is after physical product sales. Media platforms and news outlets alike seek out different forms of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) such as reader views or monthly subscriptions. Morning Brew, a business publication, founded in 2015 that is committed to informing the business leaders of tomorrow seeks out just that. 

You may see many media outlets stick to cut and dry approaches to delivering the news they report. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum lies Morning Brew’s Gen Z friendly approach to content creation that doesn’t solely focus on the written content they produce.

As a business publication, Morning Brew covers things like how often employees should get paid, haute couture moving to the metaverse and more. But, when you look at their TikTok you see a variety of skits that joke about work life culture, Gen Z’s approach to upper management styles and more. 

The Gen Z focused approach is particularly successful on TikTok because 47.4% of TikTok’s active users are aged between 10 and 29. While 29 falls late on the Gen Z spectrum and is technically categorized as a young millennial, the point remains the same, if and when brands successfully cater to younger generations (who have an estimated spending power of $300 billion each year), success is practically inevitable.

What brands can do to scale on TikTok?

While we give kudos to the prominent brands utilizing TikTok to scale their sales and boost brand awareness, we understand it’s not an easy feat. That’s why at Precise TV we work to limit media wastage and maximize performance. 

We make this happen through our proprietary machine learning model that helps brands gauge the perfect moment, to place a strategically made ad, on the most optimized video. This model in return increases ROAS by 6X. 

We’re able to do this across all video platforms from TikTok (creatively with #hashtags) to YouTube and even contextualized TV.

We admire the brands paving the way in this space, as we help a lot of companies get to that point of furthering brand awareness and creating sale securing ads. Interested parties who are intrigued by the thought of being the next talk of the town on TikTok (and more platforms) can reach out to us, here.

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