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Lowering Brand CPAs and Catering to a Kid-Friendly Demographic

Results of our latest case study show we’ve yielded a 2.7% conversion rate and 20% reduction in cost per registration (CPR) for Star Stable.

YouTube has been a pioneer in video streaming for ages. The platform overall reaches 122 million global users daily. YouTube Kids, a parent-monitored branch of the platform launched in 2015, has grown to reach 35 million global weekly users who are under the age of 18. The creation of YouTube Kids marked a new frontier for families by enabling a safe environment for children to engage in online activity with the understanding that the videos and advertisements playing are age appropriate. 

YouTube’s decision to expand its platform with a children-focused lens is a savvy marketer’s dream, especially for the ones in the education, toy and app industries. Life for kids is no longer about calling over family members to see a commercial or circling a Toys “R” Us catalog and sliding it under someone’s door as a hint for what they want for Christmas. 

Today, kids are watching toy reviews the same way adults watch product reviews. More often than not, children are becoming educated consumers and weighing out their interests before cracking open their piggy bank (or asking someone else) to buy their dream toy/source of entertainment. Kids are now able to send over direct links or screenshot ads and save them for later – if not asking family members to purchase right away.

Children as educated consumers

Because children have evolved as consumers, the advertising industry that caters to them had to follow suit. As the world’s first and leading kidSAFE+ COPPA-Certified YouTube advertising platform and a 2022 Google Premier Partner, Precise TV is the company marketers are relying on to place brand suitable ads on YouTube, YouTube Kids and across popular video platforms. 

Over the past two years, we partnered with Star Stable, the #1 ranked and fastest growing horse game all over the world. On the platform, every player rides, cares for and trains their horse(s), embarks on quests, participates in competitions and becomes a part of the epic story on the magical (literally) island of Jorvik.

Star Stable’s demographic is females ages 8 to 18. As a children-focused brand, it was of huge importance that all ads were operated in a brand-safe and kid-friendly way. Thanks to Precise TV’s YouTube certifications and machine learning technology, we were able to not only place children-catered ads — we were also able to grow Star Stable’s consumer registrations while lowering their cost per acquisition (CPA). 

And we’re off…

While traditional video campaigns focus on top and mid-funnel activities such as driving awareness and consideration, Precise TV looks at the full marketing funnel from top to bottom. Conversion and sales data informs our Contextual Intelligence Platform to power campaigns that help predict audiences and placements that are more likely to drive actions such as purchase or registrations. 

Our Contextual Intelligence Platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to analyze millions of videos, offering enhanced video advertising targeting in a privacy-safe environment. 

We activated this exact approach at the start of our relationship with Star Stable. When Star Stable engaged Precise TV they were looking for someone to lower their CPA which was between 15 and 20 Swedish Kronor. Our goal was to lower this to between 10 and 12 Swedish Kronor. Through our machine learning model and approach to ad placement, Precise TV was able to meet this goal across their key markets of Germany, the UK and the US. 

This wasn’t our only feat either. Although the main goal was registrations at the time, so a lower CPA was key, we were also able to get a Click through rate (CTR) of 1.09%, significantly beating the industry benchmark of 0.15%. In full scope, we’ve yielded a 2.7% conversion rate and 20% reduction in cost per registration (CPR).

With this campaign, Precise TV demonstrated tangible benefits, delivering an impressive CTR and CPR reduction for Star Stable. This same level of success and more metrics can be met by any interested party seeking Precise TV’s expertise in full funnel marketing and ad placement. 

If you’d like to know more about how Precise TV can solve brand suitability and drive YouTube ad performance, please get in touch.

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