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Making YouTube Shorts Ads to Beat the Competition

YouTube Shorts

What are YouTube Shorts ads?

YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical videos that can be uploaded onto the YouTube platform. More than 2 billion logged in users watch Shorts each month, according to Google. Each ‘Short’ can run between 6 and 60 seconds long, with the app also allowing you to merge multiple shorter videos into a longer, one minute clip depending on the message your brand needs to convey. Precise TV best practice is for ads to be between 21 and 34 seconds long. 

Must-haves for a winning Shorts ad:

Know who the content is for - Identify your short-form ad marketing objectives. Is the aim of the ad for more people to know your brand, to build a connection with a target audience or for the viewer to buy something? 

Capture attention early - Refine your message and showcase your brand, through a logo or product within the first few seconds of the ad. Ensure your message and content will keep the audience hooked.

Test and learn! Start with content you already have and keep testing. Test varying messages, tweak content and analyze the data Shorts provides you with to ensure your ads are as effective as they can be.

If you are already running campaigns on YouTube or other social platforms the easiest win is to repurpose existing assets. 

  1. Recycle! Use existing horizontal or square assets and sandwich them between product imagery or brand elements 

  2. Optimize!  Crop assets  vertically. Ensure the most important parts of the video are still in the frame and clearly visible. 

  3. Highlight! Film a few seconds showcasing your product while while tapping into other trends happening on YouTube Shorts, such as editing style or music choice

And don’t forget the ‘hidden extras’

Make sure your ad has a relevant title that provides context, addresses the viewers or adds some personality. 

Use hashtags relevant to your brand, your target audience and even add in some relevant trending ones. 

If you want to learn more about how Precise TV can supercharge your ad impact with YouTube Shorts - get in touch today.

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