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PARK Winter Reveals YouTube is the #1 Place Kids See Ads

We are excited to release our  latest Precise Advertiser Report: Kids (PARK). The report unpacks the media consumption habits and purchase decisions of parents and kids aged two to 12 years old, aka Generation Alpha, widely agreed upon to be kids aged approximately 13 and younger.

Our latest bi-annual PARK report confirms YouTube remains the number one most watched platform for families, but reveals Gaming is an undeniable juggernaut in terms of dominating kids’ attention. Gaming trails only YouTube and VOD as the most consumed category of entertainment.

YouTube, VOD & Gaming lead the way

Further insights include: 

“95% of parents and kids aged 2-12 watch YouTube together; and parents assert they’re 60% more likely to purchase a product advertised while co-viewing with their kids” 

“Gaming content is the third most popular media consumption category for kids; 6 in 10 kids play mobile or tablet games where they recall ads and introduce purchase decisions to parents”

“These COPPA-compliant demographic insights into Generation Alpha are unparalleled in the market,” said Christian Dankl, Precise TV Co-Founder and Chairman. “One trend we’re helping brands capitalise on is short-form video gaining more attention from kids. Gen Alpha are regularly watching YouTube Shorts and TikTok, with almost 70% watching one to two hours every day. Gen Alpha also loves to game, with over half preferring to play mobile and tablet gaming. Favourite game types include building, fashion and adventure. They also better recall ads they see when gaming.”   

“Gen Alpha is consuming content in two main ways – watching it on YouTube and playing mobile and tablet games,” said Denis Crushell, Chief Commercial Officer at Precise TV. “Combine this with the high return on ad spend of ads placed against gaming content and it’s clear why an entertainment icon like Disney is doubling down on the gaming genre with its recent investment in Epic Games.” 

In response to this trend, our Precise Gaming solution enables marketers to execute multi-platform ad campaigns that reach top gaming apps and top gaming segments on YouTube. 

An additional insights from PARK include:

Media Consumption 

  • 95% of families co-view and nearly 50% co-view every day.  
  • 7 in 10 co-view when watching YouTube on CTV and more than 35% watch with 2 or more people. 
  • Paramount has achieved high ad recall rates against popular children's shows such as Paw Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Kids prefer mobile and tablet gaming over console gaming 

Ad Recall, Product Discovery & Purchase Behavior 

  • 8 in 10 parents say their child has asked for something from an ad they have seen while co-viewing.
  • Nearly 60% of parents are more likely to purchase a product they have seen advertised while co-viewing with their child. 
  • 25% of kids have bought something they have seen after watching YouTube Shorts. 

“YouTube truly dominates family attention in the living room with YouTube co-viewing accelerating even more so on connected TVs,” added Crushell. “And with YouTube enjoying better ad recall and higher likelihood of purchases, it’s no secret why we’re seeing a mass exodus of traditional TV buyers come to Precise TV to implement a more deliberate YouTube-first media buying strategy.” 

The latest PARK report goes further into the specific popular content kids are watching across platforms, household purchase trends and much more. Download the report here.

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