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Precise TV launch Creative YouTube ad Playbook

How to make a great skippable YouTube ad

“How to make a great skippable ad” is a Precise TV playbook created to share our ‘secrets’ to getting the most out of your YouTube ads.

In order to harness the real power of YouTube we offer advice not only on placements but suggest creative tweaks that could be made to existing ads or suggest techniques that could employed when creating new ads for socials, especially if past creatives have been more TV focused. 

The playbook has advice for all experience levels.  Starting with the reasons a  Skippable YouTube ad should be a marketers go-to format, explaining the ABCD framework, ad story arc and Heartbeat Narrative. 

The Precise TV playbook also offers insights into our  unique Methodology for creating successful skippable ads, how to ensure your messaging resonates with your audience and showcasing some of the best creative examples the space has to offer along with the ‘why’.

Skippable Ads Measuring Success

 We know success metrics are a huge topic of conversation and we dive into these; including the three dimensions all marketers should understand when implementing Skippable ads into their digital plans. 

Skippable Ads ASICS

With testimonials from ASICS, All Star Creations and Vid Angel we have genuine insights into how creative suggestions provided by Precise TV amplified clients’ ad performance - achieving longer watch times, higher purchase intent and awareness lift and rapid sales growth. 

Download the playbook now and contacts us for more information on how Precise TV can accelerate your Skippable ads creatives and performance in 2024. 

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