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Precise TV Launches In-app Gaming Ad Solution

Precise Gaming Solution Launched by Precise TV

Precise TV launches new solution that promises to reduce media wastage when advertising inside gaming apps on mobile and tablet. 

With global toy and games sales expected to hit an estimated $129 billion by the end of 2024 it is vital brands who sit in this industry have a robust digital advertising strategy to ensure they are earning their piece of the pie. 

To be successful in the toy business you must have an advertising strategy that allows you to reach as many people in your primary target audience as possible, while at the same time remaining targeted enough that you are not wasting budget reaching people who are not relevant. Our proprietary research, shows that YouTube is the number one platform with kids, with 86% of 6-9 year olds and 88% of 10-12 year olds saying it's where they most recently and frequently watch content. As we look at Gen Z, almost 8 in 10 teens say YouTube is their favourite place to watch content - a stat uncovered by our first ever Gen Z report launched earlier on in the year. 

Hot on YouTube’s heels is Gaming. Gaming reaches 50% of kids and is the third most popular way of consuming content after YouTube and video on demand (VOD). A 2023 OfCom report  says Most children were gaming using a console (59%), followed by a mobile phone (49%) and a tablet (43%).  Gaming is big business and this opens up a new advertising opportunity for brands. 

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“After eight very successful years of reducing media wastage by up to 60% for our clients on YouTube, Precise TV is proud to launch a brand new media wastage solution for in-app gaming advertising.” Nadav Shmuel, Precise TV CEO & Co-Founder said recently. “Knowing how important gaming will be to the digital marketing mix as we head into 2024, now was the time to invest in a creative solution that allows our clients to achieve the same success from advertising in games as they have across YouTube, CTV, TikTok and Meta” 

How we do this

Our platform leverages a proprietary global set of kids and family panel data, combined with contextual targeting, that is used to connect brands with highly engaged kids and relevant audiences. In this case it would be targeting a certain age demographic, maybe certain gender or people who have expressed an interest in similar games in the past. 

Through our access to a network of custom mini-games and in-app videos we can reach up to 400 million kids, teens and families and run COPPA compliant ads across a portfolio of kids safe publishers. Precise TV’s contextual targeting method ensures we run ads across top gaming apps - meaning your ads reach the most appropriate audience. This results in media wastage reduction whilst delivering strong CTR, average branded play time, engagement, and ultimately, product sales. 

Working with our in-app gaming partners, including Moose Toys and WowWee, early results show our new solution can reduce media wastage by up to 70% compared to market averages, resulting in a 54% lift in CTR and 76% lift in playtime.

If you would like to discuss how your brand can add in-app gaming advertising to their digital marketing plan and boost sales for 2024, please contact us for a chat and demo.