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Precise TV Launches YouTube Shorts Ad Solution

Our early access to YouTube’s new Shorts ads solution gives advertisers opportunity to capitalize on short-form video attention;

Early tests prove people watch YouTube Shorts ads and specifically produced vertical videos perform better than horizontal videos repurposed as short-form vertical videos

We are over-the-moon to officially announce the availability of our new YouTube Shorts advertising solution. Beginning immediately, marketers can exclusively target YouTube Shorts videos, as part of a program Precise TV has early access to, and utilizing Precise TV’s proprietary, privacy-compliant contextual engine and precise targeting capabilities. 

People love their short-form content. The rise of TikTok brought on Instagram Reels and eventually YouTube Shorts. Marketers have responded with their wallets. According to HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report, marketers plan to double down on short-form video, with 33% of the 1,000+ surveyed planning to invest the majority of their budgets in short-form video. Further, a recent Cowan and Company Proprietary Ad Buyer Survey study found that more than 80% of advertisers are now creating specific short-form video ads. 

“This solution came to fruition quickly as we were welcomed by YouTube to run some Shorts-specific test campaigns and were overwhelmed at the ad tune-in,” said Denis Crushell, Chief Commercial Officer at Precise TV. “We’re seeing high percentages of impressions hitting the 10-second view threshold. When you layer in our proprietary contextual targeting tools and multiple sets of our panel data, we’re confident YouTube Shorts’ impressions can deliver the business outcomes brands covet.” 

Precise TV is part of an alpha program that’s just kicked off,  however, there are already valuable and interesting insights from the initial campaigns. For example, short-form vertical videos that are repurposed horizontal videos don’t perform nearly as well as specifically produced vertical videos. 

We are seeing opportunities from advertisers willing to test Shorts achieving CPMs, on average, 46% less than TikTok or Instagram Reels.  A huge stat that simply shouldn’t be ignored. 

“We can’t overstate the significance of this opportunity for advertisers – with two billion logged in monthly users watching Youtube Shorts,” added Crushell. “It’s very important for any advertiser to begin testing YouTube Shorts at a time when YouTube is making a concerted effort to maximize the attention potential of its proliferating short-form content.”

Precise TV’s YouTube Shorts solution includes two proprietary ways to exclusively target YouTube Shorts videos. 

  • Precise Intent - A tool for any brand to execute audience targeting exclusively on YouTube Shorts. 
  • Content Category Targeting - Custom packages of relevant content to target for multiple categories including: sports, kids, gaming, music, beauty, fashion and technology. 

“We are seeing great results by capitalizing on the growing reach of YouTube Shorts coupled with the incremental targeting capabilities Precise TV is offering us,” said Julian Kosma Marketing Manager at WowWee. “Shorts is now a key channel in our expanding multimedia, cross-platform approach to digital advertising.”  

If you are interested in working with Precise TV for your YouTube Shorts ads, as part of this exciting alpha experience - contact us, today.

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