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Precise TV + Amazon shopping data

People shopping and data

We are excited to announce we have gained exclusive access to Amazon shopping data linking video viewership and behavioral data to purchase intent. 

Precise TV’s performance solution aims to help media buyers eliminate waste and find the moment of truth where brands’ prospective buyers are more likely to convert.  

The partnership is the first time a contextual advertising solution has incorporated exclusive Amazon shopping behavior data into its inner-workings. This is a market first and the early results drive a whopping 43% higher chance of conversion.

Andy Tress, our Senior vice President of Sales says “The addition of Amazon shopper intent data takes Precise TV’s predictive contextual intelligence engine to another level in terms of determining which specific videos are most likely to compel audiences into action.” 

As a result of the fruits of our labor, we now offer a first-of-its-kind full funnel video performance solution, leveraging intent signals at each of the three key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision.

We can also exclusively offer advertisers an opportunity to see if or how their brand overlaps with the newly acquired exclusive Amazon shopping intent data.

Just drop us an email at and we can get the ball rolling!

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