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[New Report] Next Generation Video Marketing

Next Generation Video Marketing report

We are excited to launch our latest Performance Marketing report: Next Generation Video Marketing, in which we explore, amongst other things:

  • Contextual targeting and why it is more important than ever for brands to invest in
  • Why now is the perfect time to spend on YouTube and CTV and
  • How Precise TV can get you, on average, a 6x return on ad spend

As our very own Christian Dankl, Co-Founder & Chairman says: 

“Context for each purchase matters, and by default, contextual marketing matters even more in an advertising arena, especially where consumer privacy is now at the forefront. The good news is advertisers are ready to embrace change”. 

In this report, we delve into how Precise TV can help brands to embrace that change and achieve real business outcomes. 

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Topics: youtube, Google, privacy, advertising, contextual targeting, brand suitability, tiktok, CTV