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5 Toy Brands Trending on TikTok

Kid playing with toys

The world of TikTok is no stranger to #TrendWorthy moments. From viral dance routines to top-charting songs becoming memes, TikTok’s platform has an undeniable ability to reach the masses. 

In today's digital age, it is no surprise that caregivers and children alike rely on video platforms like TikTok to keep tabs on the hottest trending toys.

In fact, in our latest Precise Advertiser Report: Kids (PARK) found that more than 50% of kids ask their families to buy something they have seen advertised on TikTok.

At Precise TV, we enable a brand’s ability to make a splash in a constantly evolving digital media market — especially on short-form video platforms where a viral moment feels more like seconds until the next trending topic comes along.

Here are five toy brands currently trending on TikTok that understand how to capture audience attention at the precise moment to go viral. 

While we do not work with all of these brands, we tip our hats off to those who can nail contextual marketing just as well as we do.

  1. Dog-E

Saying no to a child having a pet is nearly impossible with emerging robotic pet toys in the market like our partner WowWee’s Dog-E. WowWee debuted its robotic dog at CES, the most influential tech event in the world, earlier this month and it’s been a hit online. The Robotic pup can talk with its tail and lights up in various flashing colors as it is played with. Just like an IRL fur baby, Dog-E responds to being pet by wagging its tail and gives smooches to whoever plays with it. The life-like actions and rainbow light show that Dog-E offers have gained 44.3 thousand views and counting on TikTok.

  1. Magic Mixies

For children who crave a bit of wanderlust, Magic Mixies is often sought after. The toy brand creates everything from crystal balls to wands that provide its users with a healthy dose of imagination and fun. One of its most recent and viral toys in the Magic Mixies line is a crystal ball that reveals a pet to whoever activates it. While some children’s brands rely on kids to review their toys online, Magic Mixies has both children and adults review their toys to gain traction on TikTok in varying ways. This dual approach seems to work in Magic Mixies favor, as its last adult-review product gained a whopping 1.1 million likes.

  1. Sensory Toy Box

One undeniable key aspect of TikTok's platform offering is information sharing. #ParentHacks are bountiful on the platform and one of the most trending topics in caregiver communities everywhere has been the need to expose children to sensory toys early on in life at home, rather than waiting for children to be exposed to sensory exercises in school. The Sensory Toy Box does just that by providing children with eight randomized touch, sight and sound sensory toys for children (and adults) to aid their sensory development. Beyond the toy's educational benefits, the surprise element of each box coming with a unique variation of toys has allowed it to gain upwards of 40,000 likes on TikTok.

  1. Tacto Doctor

Caregivers who encourage their children to explore STEM subjects have likely heard of Tacto Doctor. Unlike the once iconic and now historic Operation board game, Tacto Doctor brings a virtual approach to exploring medical practices. Children with dreams or interest in becoming doctors can virtually take x-rays, mix chemicals and more with Tacto Doctor. The game made a ‘Top Toys of 2022’ list on a TikTok profile that provides playroom inspo to caregivers. The video gained more than 20,000 likes on TikTok. 

  1. Mystery Barbie

There’s nothing like a toy providing a grand reveal or surprise to whomever plays with it. Not only is the element of surprise appealing, it also makes for a TikTok-worthy moment. Children and their families are not only using TikTok to keep tabs on the latest toys, they’re making their own TikToks to document their reactions, reviews and to remember playtime forever. One of the most recently trending mystery toys has been none other than a classic Barbie. It’s gathered 228,000 likes on TikTok. 

Cementing a #TikTok worthy moment 

It’s no easy feat to become an overnight sensation or to master being a trending topic, especially in a digital era. 

Brands not only have to master a presence across social media platforms, they also have to challenge themselves to beat algorithms in order to become a trending topic. 

At Precise TV we help brands do just that. By using our data-driven contextual intelligence engine, we power campaigns that help predict audiences and video ad placements that are more likely to drive conversion events from purchases to registrations.

As children's brands think of ways to elevate their appeal on TikTok and all other marketing approaches, they can explore our latest PARK report that breaks down children’s video consumption habits and reach out to us here.

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