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85% of under 12’s have access to YouTube, and that’s fantastic news for advertisers

New research from PreciseTV and Giraffe Insights confirms that 85% of under 12’s in the U.S have access to YouTube, with 70% of that demographic able to  recall adverts on YouTube compared to just 35% on broadcast TV. 

Game-changing restrictions were placed on advertising to the under 13’s on YouTube in wake of the $170M fine imposed on the platform by the FTC for violation of COPPA privacy laws but there are still huge opportunities for brands and agencies to reach their target audiences in that demographic. 

Even though advertisers cannot act on the data which was once so freely available to them, all is not lost due to the magic of contextual targeting. Instead of collecting data via third-party cookies, contextual targeting uses session information to determine the individual’s intentions and interests.

PreciseTV found that contextually aligned ads on YouTube drive the most effective ad recall!

Armed with that knowledge, let’s take a look at some of the findings from the report on how children are not only consuming video content but their receptiveness to advertising.

Twice as Many Under-12s Can Recall Ads on YouTube, Compared to Broadcast TV

PreciseTV & Giraffe Insights research for ‘'Kids & the Screen: USA” highlights current trends in the online viewing habits of children as well as the purchasing habits of parents. 

The report is bursting with invaluable data for brands and agencies including the fact that kids in the US are watching YouTube above all other online video platforms, with 70% of kids under 12 recalling contextually aligned adverts on YouTube compared to 35% on broadcast TV.

This offers exciting and effective ROI opportunities for agencies and brands looking to reach and engage with young audiences, and family members who hold the purse strings.

When children were asked to recall where they had watched ads that led them to ask their parents to purchase the items being promoted, YouTube came out on top for one-third of the kids surveyed.

In the report, you'll discover which genres and shows children are watching on YouTube and across other social platforms (spoiler alert: Peppa Pig remains wildly popular with pre-schoolers).

As YouTube's reach and influence continue upward, brands and agencies should be confident enough to push budget spend on contextual targeting as part of their paid media strategy on the platform.

The study includes insights that are not available elsewhere and provides invaluable data to keep brands up to date on the opportunities available to them right now. Our aim is to provide actionable takeaways that brands can build their YouTube advertising strategy around if their target audience includes children.  

Precise Kids is the world’s first and leading kidSAFE+ COPPA certified YouTube advertising platform. Our "Kids & the Screen: Changing the Channel" report can be downloaded  here.

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