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ex-Googler, Andy Tress, joins us at Precise TV

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Tress as Senior Vice President of Sales, after most recently serving as Head of Sales at Google Shopping. 

Tress is responsible for the go-to-market strategy, business development approach and sales efforts supporting our performance solution, helping media buyers eliminate waste and find the “moment of truth”, where brands’ prospective buyers are more likely to convert.  

“What drew me to Precise TV is the company’s ability to set new return on ad spend standards for video advertisers,” said Andy Tress, who has a long proven track record of developing shopper marketing performance businesses dating back to his time at Yahoo! and Google in the 2000s.

“Channel-level targeting, behavioral targeting and other video performance marketing approaches simply aren’t enough to thrive in today’s fragmented attention economy. Precise TV’s ability to carve out the specific video-level gems from disparate premium video channels and layer in a swath of intent data is the recipe for business outcomes-based success.”

“It’s ideal timing to bring Andy aboard given Precise TV’s product market fit has reached an inflection point due to privacy regulation changes and the influx of advertisers demanding better return on their video advertising investments,” said Christian Dankl, Precise TV Co-Founder and Chairman. 

“2023 will finally bring the death of the cookie, and it’s exciting to imagine what more our contextual intelligence platform can do when it’s already eliminating up to 60 percent of non-relevant video ad impressions pre-bid for our brand customers.” 

Tress joins a who’s who list of executives who have recently joined Precise TV. In January 2022, Precise TV acquired Triton Advertising and added its CEO Scott Hansen to the Precise TV leadership team. In September 2021, the company announced the appointment of ex-YouTube executive Denis Crushell as Chief Commercial Officer

Precise TV has honed its product offering by applying its proprietary algorithms to develop a dynamic taxonomy that categorizes billions of YouTube videos, resulting in an accurate contextual ad targeting offering that requires no personally identifiable information. This engineering feat and video-level approach to the world’s biggest catalog of videos now affords us huge commercial opportunities, where we can leverage our data science against any video-based platform across the connected TV, online and social video ecosystem. 

To find out how our performance platform can help you eliminate waste and find that elusive “moment of truth",  please get in touch. 

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