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New report guides travel destinations to win on TikTok

TikTok influencing travel decisions in gen Z

The last few years have served as a pivotal transformation for media and advertising thanks to explosive platforms like TikTok. 

TikTok’s popularity has contributed heavily to the growing demand for video advertisements and entertainment that is quick, snackable and exciting.

While the application started off as a social network, TikTok no longer operates the same way. Google’s own data revealed that almost 40 percent of Gen Z (ages 18-24) uses TikTok instead of Google to search for things such as restaurants, interactive experiences and travel opportunities.

As travel destinations begin to adapt to the ever evolving media marketing landscape, they’ll need to figure out how to excel on TikTok and they’ll need to take a data-driven approach to do so.

Understanding how frequently a travel destination’s ideal customer travels and what it takes to activate the traveler to book a trip are just a few understandings that can be pulled from Precise TV’s proprietary technology, which gets even smarter when it can leverage a company’s first-party, non-personally identifiable customer data.

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  • Transforming targeted ads into booked trips: what transforming targeted ads to booked trips looks like
  • Keeping up with a video-first era: using data and intent signals to keep up
  • Allow your marketing to travel to the world of TikTok: it’s still uncharted territory for even the savviest of marketers.

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