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PARK AUS: YouTube is the go-to platform for 9 out of 10 kids!

Precise TV launches first ever Australian report

The first-ever PARK Australia report provides unprecedented insights into the viewership, advertising recall and purchase intent of parents and kids aged 2-12 

The latest PARK Australia report has shed light on the dominance of YouTube in the world of children's content consumption. The study reveals that YouTube is the go-to platform for nearly 9 out of 10 kids, with a significant portion of their viewership occurring on Connected TV. Furthermore, an astonishing 83% of kids co-view YouTube content with their parents on CTV.  

One intriguing insight revealed by the report is the prevalence of co-viewing on YouTube via CTV. A staggering 83% of kids enjoy their favourite YouTube videos alongside their parents. This trend holds great importance for marketers, as families engaging in co-viewing are twice as likely to recall advertisements. It presents a unique opportunity for brands to create memorable ad experiences that resonate with both children and their parents.

The report also provides an overview of how different video platforms stack up against each other, including local Australian SVOD services such as ABC iView and Stan. Despite the competition, YouTube reigns supreme, capturing the lion's share of young viewers' attention. This dominance speaks volumes about the platform's ability to curate compelling content that resonates with its target audience.

With the holiday season around the corner, it's interesting to note that 76% of parents plan to spend the same or more on holiday gifts in 2023. This underscores the immense potential for brands to capture the attention of both children and their parents through strategic holiday campaigns.

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YouTube's dominance in the children's content landscape is undeniable. Its widespread viewership, particularly on Connected TV, combined with the power of co-viewing, presents a significant opportunity for brands to engage with families effectively. Insights into kids' preferences and parental spending habits offer valuable guidance for marketers seeking to capture the attention of this influential demographic. With YouTube at the forefront of children's content consumption, it is essential for brands to leverage this platform's reach and create compelling experiences that resonate with both children and their parents.

If you want to ensure your brand is reaching the correct audience on YouTube, TikTok, Connected TV and other vital ad platforms, please do get in touch. 

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