New Report: The Complete Picture of U.S. Gen Alpha Kids, 2024.

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YouTube has taken center stage as the epicenter of the gaming universe!

PARTY: Precise TV teens and youth consumer behaviour report

Our first ever teens-focused report unveils eye-opening insights into the viewership and consumption habits of Gen Z teens aged 13-17.

In an era where marketing strategies are constantly evolving, understanding the behavior and preferences of the upcoming generation is pivotal. Gen Z, a demographic born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, holds immense potential as both consumers and trendsetters. Our recently launched Precise Advertiser Report: Teens & Youth (PARTY) shines a spotlight on the Gen Z teen audience, providing marketers with groundbreaking insights. Let's delve into the key takeaways from this report and explore what it means for the future of marketing.

The Power of YouTube: A New Gaming Hub?

You might assume that Twitch is the ultimate gaming hub for teens, but the PARTY report turns this notion on its head. According to the research, YouTube has taken center stage as the epicenter of the gaming universe. It's the preferred platform for 76% of respondents when it comes to consuming content from gaming creators, outshining Twitch's 34% popularity. This shift in preference is a clear indication of YouTube's dominance in capturing the attention of young gamers.

What's even more astonishing is YouTube's sway over purchasing power. The report reveals that YouTube's ad recall is nearly four times that of broadcast TV. With 2.1 times higher ad recall than the combination of broadcast TV and video-on-demand (VOD), YouTube is a fertile ground for marketers aiming to make a lasting impression on Gen Z. Moreover, 60% of teens express a willingness to watch YouTube ads rather than skip them, underlining the platform's potential for effective advertising.

PARTY: YouTube more popular than Twitch

Gaming: The Crown Jewel of Purchase Power?

The PARTY report illuminates an unexpected truth: video games reign supreme as the top purchase category for teens. An impressive 40% of boys and 34% of girls allocate their monthly allowance to gaming.

This trend is further validated by YouTube's influence. The platform drives twice the commercial reach among gamers compared to any other platform. YouTube has managed to surpass Twitch, long hailed as the gaming content haven. With these findings, marketers have an invaluable opportunity to align their strategies with the interests and purchasing habits of young gamers.

Brands That Resonate

The report also provides a glimpse into the brands that resonate with Gen Z teens. When asked about their recent requests to parents, top names like PlayStation and Nike took the spotlight. Other noteworthy mentions include Forever21, McDonald’s, Adidas, Lego, Apple, Samsung, Burger King, Amazon, Xbox, and Target. These brands stand out as influencers in the lives of 13- 17 year olds, indicating potential areas for marketers to further explore.

The PARTY report is the result of a survey involving 1,000 families in the United States, encompassing teens aged 13-17 and their parents. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of the nuances within this demographic. Notably, the report also breaks down responses into two age groups, 13-15 and 16-17, offering marketers the chance to tailor their strategies based on specific age brackets.

As Gen Z becomes an increasingly influential force in the market, brand marketers must adapt and innovate to capture their attention and loyalty. The Precise Advertiser Report: Teens & Youth (PARTY) provides a wealth of insights that can guide brands in their efforts to connect with this audience. In a landscape characterized by rapid change, understanding the pulse of Gen Z teens is the key to staying ahead in the game.

You can download the report for free  here. To talk to one of our experts about implementing this knowledge into your future digital campaigns get in touch.

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