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TikTok Says These Travel Destinations Are a Must Visit in 2023

Must visit travel destinations in 2023

If you’ve been spending time sending #TravelInspo TikToks around to friends and planning trips for 2023, you’re not the only one. 

As the new year inches closer to us, 73 percent of travelers surveyed by say they’re feeling more optimistic about travel than they did in 2022.

With a vast majority of folks eager to book trips ahead of the New Year, we’ve accumulated a list of the most sought after destinations to hit in 2023, according to TikTok statistics and additional travel resources. 

Here are five travel destinations winning attention on TikTok that you can pull inspiration from as you develop your next social video marketing campaign. We can’t help but tip our hats to these destinations for their precise video marketing success on TikTok. 

1. Dubai, UAE

If you’ve kept up with Gen Z YouTuber Nella Rose, then you know Dubai is all the rage, especially if you’ve spent the first two decades of your life craving a taste of the luxurious lifestyle the destination has to offer.

According to 2021 TikTok viewership data, Dubai was by far the most-viewed travel destination on the platform, receiving 81.8 billion views. 

Rose’s sentiment on wanting to go yachting in Dubai has been going viral for years and her voiceover has been turned into a TikTok sound that users engage with to post their own Dubai content.

Outside of Gen Z influencers setting the tone for desired travel destinations, Dubai itself lures in prospective travelers by offering up scenic beach views, four-wheel rides through the desert and its impressive next-generation approach to architecture.

2. Bali, Indonesia 

Craving an opportunity to be around majestic island views? Then Bali is a must add to your list of travel destinations in 2023. While the location didn’t top charts in TikTok’s viewership data, it was reported in September of this year that Bali sees over 9,000 international travelers per day.

To no surprise, many of these 9,000+ travelers have turned to social media platforms like TikTok to share more about their experience. Travel influencers like Shalee Wanders have received upwards of 300,000+ likes on content displaying the affordability of luxury villas and services in Bali.

If you’re interested in being surrounded by water, greenery and learning more about South East Asian culture for an affordable price, Bali is a must visit destination.

3. Auckland, New Zealand 

Editors over at Conde Nast listed Auckland, New Zealand as their number one destination referral for travelers in 2023 and for good reason. 

While some travel editors are excited over the fact that New Zealand has finally lifted its covid-related travel restrictions and the pending 2023 local festivals, TikTok travelers are more interested in the interpersonal experiences Auckland has to offer. 

Activities like taking a virtual reality generated slide down a 51-floor building or visiting the Hobbiton movie set have all been claimed as must-do excursions for Auckland visitors. And if you’re game for adventure and affordable travel opportunities, look no further than New Zealand’s south island. Where else can you climb a glacier, sky dive and do one of the world’s biggest bungee jumps in a span of 24 hours? 

4. Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, USA 

Two U.S. cities that are catching the attention of travelers worldwide are Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. 

Nashville has often been credited as a must-see destination for its soul food, historic monuments and outdoorsy excursion opportunities. As the birthplace of country, rock and indie music, travelers can always find live music activities as well as visiting plenty of museums to learn about the city.

Memphis on the other hand is gaining traction as a must-see travel destination due the billions of dollars being poured into the city to create more tourist attractions. 

The city is in the process of building new pavilions, meditative paths, riverfront seating, sound gardens, and more to attract visitors that can stay in one of the many newly built hotels in the area, Conde Nast editors report.

If you’ve been ready for a taste of American Southern twang, Tennessee is a must see destination.

5. Toronto, Canada 

Ah, Canada. Home of the entertainment greats like Drake and Justin Bieber. Beyond the country’s legacy of producing international stars, Canada and more specifically its bustling city of Toronto, has caught major traction on TikTok.

Toronto secured 9th place on the list of top travel destinations according to 2021 TikTok viewership data. Content about the city gathered 17.1 billion views last year and the traction doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Toronto is well-sought after by tourists who are ready to admire their modern skyline architecture and learning experiences at places like Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. If you want to experience a fast-paced city, look no further than Toronto.

Travel destination takeaways 

Whether people scrolling through realize it or not, these travel destinations are all thriving at marketing in authentic short-form videos.

At Precise TV, we specialize in helping travel destinations and brands across industries leverage contextual data insights to enable effective video-level marketing campaigns across social video platforms from YouTube to TikTok. We help our partners reach their target audience at the exact moment that they’re more likely to make a decision.

For travel destinations (and beyond!) that are seeking to yield the same traction as the destinations listed here, we encourage you to read our new report that guides travel destinations to win on Gen Z’s preferred search engine: TikTok and reach out to us if you need a hand.

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