New Playbook: How to Make a Great Skippable Ad – Kids & Families Edition

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58% of parents say children have the biggest influence on vacations

Precise Advertiser Report Kids

Our latest bi-annual PARK: Precise Advertiser Report - Kids, with Giraffe Insights,  shares key findings about family viewership habits and household spending patterns.

The report reveals 90% of parents co-view with their kids, which parents assert is a key catalyst to kids’ influence over product purchases and travel destination decisions. 

Further insights show: 

  • 79% of kids influence the activities families do on vacation 
  • 29% of parents say their child influences the type of vacation their family goes on
  • 7 in 10 parents are inspired to purchase items for their kids when they see their reaction to the ads

Vacation inspiration

Holly Paxman Gibb, VP of Kids Media Sales U.S. at Precise TV said “We’ve found there are multiple layers of household impressions a single commercial makes when it appears at the right place, at the right time. Co-viewing is real, and it’s something brands can account for when they’re advertising on video platforms such as YouTube and connected TV.” 

To read more genuinely useful insights about kids viewing behaviors and how these influence their parents or carers travel decisions download the full report here.

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