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YouTube is the largest CTV ad platform and growing faster than Netflix

According to a new report by Nielsen, YouTube continued to grow its streaming stake, adding 2.8% in volume to tie Netflix for the first time in the US market to account for 7.6% of total CTV usage.

At Precise TV, we’ve executed thousands of YouTube CTV campaigns and the advertising rates are highly competitive versus their peers of Hulu, Prime Video and others. There is a great opportunity for agile marketers this holiday season and beyond to capture these highly engaged audiences.

* Based on data from Nielsen. Black bar graphs represent platforms without ads, yet.

This is especially pertinent, as Variety recently reported “Netflix and its exclusive ad partner, Microsoft, have requested ad buyers submit initial bids next week, with a 'soft $65 CPM' (the cost per thousand views).” 

At Precise TV we’ve been achieving highly efficient rates for our clients for CTV with the averages coming in at a fraction of the cost versus video ads delivered on Computers and Mobile Phones. 

* Based on H1 2022 Global data from the Precise TV Platform

So, what are the lessons for us here? CTV Streaming is increasing and YouTube is taking over!  For brands to take advantage of this they need to know what people are watching and where so they can ensure they are reaching them, via ads, in the most effective way.  

Precise TV sits at the heart of the CTV landscape helping clients purchase on and off YouTube , using our unique cross platform video-level buying technology. 

The Precise TV platform ensures your ads only appear next to videos that are relevant to your target audience. Whether driving brand awareness or product sales, our campaigns always deliver positive business outcomes. 

To learn about how we can help you get your CTV and YouTube ad presence in top shape and achieve, on average, a 60% reduction on media wastage, 25% purchase intent uplift and a 6x return on ad spend, get in touch.

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