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PARK Summer reveals a major shift in kids' media consumption

Precise TV Gen Alpha Report front cover - PARK Summer 2024

Our bi-annual Gen alpha report is back. PARK Summer was launched last week and has some even more interesting insights into the media consumption habits of kids aged 2-12 in the US. 

There is a major shift in where kids report watching their “favorite content,” with a significant number of kids preferring YouTube over streaming or traditional TV platforms. Analysis of  year-on-year data shows YouTube seeing a 30% increase in kids. Meanwhile, both paid and free VOD services saw significant declines – down 53% and 40%, respectively. 

“Traditional media networks and their time-honored franchises are winning attention in the non-TV arena, and winning Gen Alpha’s attention at record rates,” said Christian Dankl, Precise TV Co-Founder and Chairman. “Children and their parents are increasingly turning to social video to watch content traditionally accessed via streaming services. We’re noticing certain media networks rise above the pack with effective social-mobile strategies that are stoking attention in their kid-friendly content.” 

Paramount’s (and Nickelodeon’s) Prowess: Dominating the Kid-Friendly Content Arena

Paramount is a key streaming player with its successful formula for resonating with younger audiences. A sampling of report findings includes: 

  • The evolution of Paramount’s kids programming shows a clear trend: Nickelodeon franchises such as SpongeBob, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol are now often streamed and consumed more on YouTube than on platforms like Netflix or Hulu. The Nickelodeon channel is being directly sought out on YouTube on mobile and tablet devices, and winning the attention battle with YouTube-native juggernauts such as Ryan’s Toys. 

  • Paramount ranks highly amongst its streaming provider peers, signaling its importance as a streaming service for parents and its success in capturing the family demographic. Nearly a third of all respondents have watched P+ recently, behind only Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube. This is important as more families scrutinize their subscriptions. They tend to prioritize content that will satisfy the needs of their children. 

Gaming Reigns Supreme 

PARK also reveals insight into the growing trend of mobile and tablet gaming among Gen Alpha children. It highlights their preferences for game types such as building, fashion, and adventure games, and underscores how in-game advertising is becoming an increasingly important strategy for marketers. A sampling of report findings includes: 

  • Gaming is the third most popular media consumption platform for kids, behind only YouTube and VOD apps. 
  • Nearly 6 in 10 kids play mobile or tablet games, with 45% playing video games.
  • More than a fifth of kids remember seeing ads when they are mobile gaming, with Toy and game ads being the most recalled ad categories
  • Puzzle, adventure and building games are the most popular mobile games. 

“With the global kids digital advertising market expected to surpass a value of $21.1B by the end of 2031, there’s a significant opportunity for targeted, effective, and ethical advertising that speaks directly to young gamers and drives high engagement for brands,” said Denis Crushell, Chief Commercial Officer at Precise TV. 

YouTube's Insane Purchasing Power vs. Other Forms of Media

YouTube has established itself as a powerhouse in driving purchase power, surpassing other forms of media due to its high ad recall and influence on Gen Alpha consumer behavior. A sampling of report findings includes: 

  • YouTube's high ad recall rates contribute to its unparalleled purchasing power among kids – YouTube delivers 2.3x greater ad recall compared to broadcast TV and 2.6x greater than video-on-demand (VOD), making it a formidable platform for driving brand awareness and purchase decisions.
  • YouTube's position as the leading platform for ad recall among children is unmatched, with 53% of kids recalling ads on YouTube more than any other platform. This is a significant lead over TikTok, which comes in second at 24%. Traditional broadcast TV, Facebook, and mobile gaming are also used, but lag behind at 23%, 23%, and 14% respectively. Additionally, YouTube Shorts and commercial-based VOD services have ad recall rates of 21% and 20%. 
  • Nearly a third of kids think the best commercials air against their favorite YouTube content
  • More than 20% of parents are inspired by YouTube to buy things for their children.
  • 60% parents agree that they are more likely to purchase a product they saw advertised when co-viewing with their child. 

PARK goes further into the specific popular content kids are watching across platforms, household purchase trends and much more. Download the report here. Or contact us to see how we can use the findings of the report to supercharge your ad campaigns.

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